dimanche 10 février 2013

Sabah - Al assfourieh / Ya omna men chab bhalhay

Deux faces de la chanteuse libanaise, 45T Voix de l'Orient EFPVA17

Al Assfourieh

Ya omna men chab bhalhay

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  1. Hello, Damien.

    This is a re-recorded 45 record for Sabah, and judging from the way the Arabic letters are used, it's from an Algerian; company probably made in the 60's I guess.

    There was a misnomination of the first track's title ('Ashek, Ashek' as it says on the cover). It should have read in Arabic as 'A'al Assfourieh' (On The Way to the Madhouse) which is the real deal here: it's one of her best-known songs.
    The other track ('Ya Youma Fe Chab bie Hal Hay') translates as follows: Mother, There's A Young Guy In The Neighbourhood).