lundi 26 janvier 2015

Nuits d'Arabie - Philips : Rinda, Fairouz, Mohammed Salman

Un EP 4 titres libanais, avec les titres traduits en français et une photo de pochette orientaliste. 45 tours Philips 428.310.

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  1. Hello Damien,

    Thanks for this old record of beautiful, cha-cha Lebanese tunes.

    The titles are:
    Randa (not "Rinda") - (Aye, Aye!) Ma Badee Minnak ((Ah, Ah!) I Don't Need A Thing From You)/ Alternate title: Bass Sinnak (Bass); which reads like 'Only Your Tooth' smiling, of course. Randa (Arabic: رندة), was a very sexy, blonde bombshell who witnessed her best years in the early 60's, singing sweet, light pop melodies in her beautiful Lebanese accent, and sometimes in French, and Iranian too! She acted in a few films like 'The Bitter Honey' 1964 (El 'Asal El Mourr) - (Arabic: العسل المر); 'The Coquette' 1966 (El Dalou'ah) - (Arabic: الدلوعة), and 'Happy Times' 1968 (Afrah) - (Arabic: أفراح). This song is, I am pretty sure, from 1957.

    The other song is mistranslated as "Cavalier" when the title of it reads as 'Mahboubi L'Asmar' (My Lover; The Dark-skinned Handsome man). It was written and composed to her by none other than comedian and singer Philemone Wehbe, and I guess she sang it in the early years of her career; which can also be 1957-1958 tops.

    Fairouz - Ya Laour Houbekki (Your Love, O' Laura!): This is a very beautiful reinvention of the famous Spanish 'El Amour de Laura' by the Lady "with the angelic voice" as many nicknamed Fairouz; whom many say that she might pass away this year.

    Mohammed Salman - Derbeçke: A lively (and funny), song by this Lebanese popular singer, actor, and one-time film director. The theme is about ahem, Mothers-in-law! It's a very funny wedding song, composed by Philemone Wehbe, too. Salman was very famous in Cairo and he acted and starred in so many black and white films with the likes of comedian Ismael Yacine, and the Egyptian singer Shadia.

    1. Thanks Hammer for all these infos about this french record ; I had a clue that title's translations were hazardous !

    2. Anytime, Damien. You're more than welcome.